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Magic Numbers

Golf is a funny game. Luck plays a big part in it – often it is ‘bad’ luck (“Why did it bounce that way?”) and sometimes it’s good. Ben Hogan is quoted as saying, “If you hit a shot to two-feet, it is skill. If it goes in, it is luck.” But even some rounds

The family that skis together

I’ve heard folks say that the family that skis together stays together. For as long as I can remember we have been a family that skis together. Growing up in fruitvale BC, there was never a shortage of outdoor activities. From hiking to biking to swimming and camping there was always much to do and
I have created a video about my last time in Rossland and desire to go back. Please enjoy (this is literally my first attempt at making a movie, forgive the bad acting, directing, writing, editing etc…): Rossland contest from Kevin Thompson on Vimeo. A sort summary; while looking for a destination for our annual snowboard

Life at Redstone Before and After

In and around 1954 I lived in Warfield and my friend Al and I would hitchhike to the golf course to caddy. Sometimes we would be dropped at the road to the golf course and walk down. At that time there was a Chinese man who garden and sold his vegetables in Rossland, and Warfield.

Tow Rope Tragedy

So the first time I ever played golf in Rossland was as a young teen spending one of many summers visiting my cousins and hanging out in what eventually became my home for 12 years later in life. My cousins from Trail brought me up the hill one summer day and golf at Rossland course


My story is about how my wife and I met and how Rossland brought us together. My tennis career was coming to an end and I moved from the Bahamas to Lakelouise. I then moved to Invermere (loved skiing/golf ,camping and biking.) My friend and now biz partner was living there but moving to Trail.

Happy birthday

I love to play golf at Redstone. It truly is a dynamic course as the early morning drew slows your putt giving way to afternoon of very fast greens. Every year i play golf on June 2. The last 5 years have been endless rain. For my brave friends and the staff of Redstone have
Family Business in The Kootenay’s Hello everyone, my name is Christine Coombes and I would like to tell everyone my family’s story of being entrepreneurs and living in The Kootenays. I currently help run my family’s business, The Warfield Fas Gas with my sister Margaret Ann and my parents Bill and Margaret Herd. Our story

The Redstone family adoption

About 10 yrs. ago, my family and I met a real character…. Scott Dougan, a sheet metal worker from Van. Island who was working on the Red Mt. Condo construction project and other projects in the area. “Doogie”, as we affectionately called him, was here for the whole summer and, being an avid golfer, played

My home town.

My story is quite simple. I was born in Rossland and grew up there until our parents had the audacity to move to Vancouver; wrenching us along with them. Two months after graduating from school I was back in town working at cominco. I worked the shifts in order to get more skiing done. During
For the last 20 years I have lived in an Iconic place. Rossland BC. You would think that living in a town of 3,900 people would be boring and routine. It’s not, partly because of a rich history, rich amenities and partly the people. Rossland is a small Adventure Town but it’s part of a